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MattelHordak01The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Masters of the Universe Classics exclusive was met with a rather lukewarm reception from a lot of collectors. Most felt a bit betrayed by what seemed like a lack of effort or care on Mattel’s part. I didn’t feel that way and was rather happy to see it was a figure you could afford to miss, or one that you’d really like to have. I actually really wanted it and since a lot of people didn’t, I felt better knowing I could probably get one despite not being able to go to Comic-Con.

See, in Hawaii during the 80s, the afternoon cartoon lineup was by far the best you could ever hope for, even better than the Cartoon Network. I don’t quite remember the order, but it was usually something like Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Tranzor Z, Robotech, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Thundercats, and Silver Hawks. There has never been a better era since and there probably never will be. I can clearly remember being happy to go home from school so I could be entertained. I suppose that explains my poor track record as a student.

MattelHordak02This version of Hordak is basically a straight-up repaint of the Classics Hordak done in the Filmation blue color scheme. Most people felt Mattel should’ve included a new head sculpt more reminiscent of his look in the cartoons, but I don’t really mind the simple repaint. It’s just to me Filmation’s version of Hordak is how I see the character as opposed to the classic gray version. It is a Classics interpretation of a Filmation like motif and I’m absolutely ok with the choices made. The outfit is a straight re-paint but the added robotic arm is nice, even if it looks nothing like the cartoon.

The paint is a bit sloppy on my figure. The head seems to be a common issue for other collectors and it’s only more noticeable with white paint on dark plastic. There really isn’t much of a wash on this figure except for parts of the leg, so the figure is basically solid colors which I suppose is a good translation of a cartoon character.

Hordak shares the same articulation pros and cons as He-Man, but he gets brownie points for the extra arm. I think it’s a very nice alterative and it works just fine without even a hint that the arm can be detached. I also like the fact you can remove the mechanical hand to create the cannon. I’ve chosen to keep this robotic arm with the idea that he had to replace his old arm in a story that’s been in my head. The rest of the articulation is the same so I won’t get into that anymore as I’ve already wrote about my ire with it in previous entries.

This figure comes with a Horde Staff, the alternate arm, and Imp – his companion. If you were lucky enough to get the SDCC version, you got an extra Imp shaped like a treasure box. I don’t think they should’ve done that. I would’ve also liked it if they added a few attachments for his robotic arm.

He’s no better or worse than the usual MOTU Classics figure. The joints are a little lose but I think it has to do with the molds being reused over and over again and seems to be a common trait as the line progresses year after year. I think he’ll do well over time although heat might make him a little weak.

Although the figure may not be stellar, I personally like the figure a lot and will be the one and only Hordak in my collection.

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