Girls’ Generation

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Custom: Girls’ Generation | Yuri [유리]

Every girl group has a sexy icon member and for Girl's Generation, that would be Yuri. She's a great dancer, quite athletic and strong, but she's also quite funny and has a great personality for variety TV as she doesn't shy away from saying things. She has confidence and charm that makes her fun to watch. I just wish I could find a good head sculpt that matches her, but sadly the one I'm using will have to do for now. Continue Reading

Custom: Girls’ Generation | Yoona [윤아]

My second custom Girls' Generation figure was actually my first. It was because I found Yoona's portrait on eBay that I started to realize I could eventually make most, if not all the members. I remember one night scouring eBay for female heads because I wanted to create other characters for my Batman stories. Suddenly I spotted her head sculpt and began in earnest to find more. Continue Reading

Custom: Girls’ Generation | Seohyun [서현]

I'm a huge fan of Girls' Generation no doubt. I've had the privilege to attend two of their concerts and a number of live appearances at other K-pop events. It was always my hope that one day I could have a collection of 1/6 scale figures based on the girls, but I figured I would have to get them commissioned which would mean a lot of money. One person isn't so bad, but 9? Continue Reading