Custom: Sistar | Bora

When you think girl K-pop group the first is usually Girls' Generation, but there are some other talented groups as well and Sistar is one of them. The four girls are quite talented in their own right and have a more mature, sexy and seductive feel compared to many other groups and they back that up with some of the strongest vocals around. To round out the package their best dancer and rapper is Bora. Continue Reading

Custom: Girls’ Generation | Yuri [유리]

Every girl group has a sexy icon member and for Girl's Generation, that would be Yuri. She's a great dancer, quite athletic and strong, but she's also quite funny and has a great personality for variety TV as she doesn't shy away from saying things. She has confidence and charm that makes her fun to watch. I just wish I could find a good head sculpt that matches her, but sadly the one I'm using will have to do for now. Continue Reading

Custom: Hawaii Five-O | Kono Kalakaua

The new season of Hawaii Five-O is fast approaching so it seemed like a good idea to reveal my custom figure of Kono Kalakaua. I'm a big fan of Grace Park. I really liked her in Battlestar Galactica and some of the other independent movies she's been in. When she was casted for Hawaii Five-O I was excited to be able to see her on TV again and more so since Five-O is in my backyard of Hawaii. Continue Reading

Custom: Girls’ Generation | Yoona [윤아]

My second custom Girls' Generation figure was actually my first. It was because I found Yoona's portrait on eBay that I started to realize I could eventually make most, if not all the members. I remember one night scouring eBay for female heads because I wanted to create other characters for my Batman stories. Suddenly I spotted her head sculpt and began in earnest to find more. Continue Reading