Custom: Girls’ Generation | Yoona [윤아]


CustomYoona07My second custom Girls’ Generation figure was actually my first. It was because I found Yoona’s portrait on eBay that I started to realize I could eventually make most, if not all the members. I remember one night scouring eBay for female heads because I wanted to create other characters for my Batman stories. Suddenly I spotted her head sculpt and began in earnest to find more.

I eventually purchased the heads for Taeyeon, Yoona and Seohyun for my first batch. I also bought the first generation bodies from Kumik, but they weren’t that great, so for a year or so these heads remained without a body or outfits. I sometimes can’t believe how much time went into getting all the pieces – 9 heads, 9 bodies, and 9 outfits is both costly and time consuming. It seems like it was just yesterday, but it’s been years.

CustomYoona01Yoona is one of my favorites, although it’s not like I dislike any of them. I think her demeanor can sometimes be misunderstood, but I think she’s cool and interesting. She is of course the member that represents Girls’ Generation’s image and is often at the center of pictures. She’s a great actress but her dancing and singing skills shouldn’t be underestimated. She is just a lot of fun to watch.

As stated, this is another Kumik head that’s a pretty dead-on likeness to Yoona. She looks like she’s about ready to burst out into one of her wide-mouth laughing episodes. You have to use a nice hair scalp piece though or she can look a bit strange. Kumik seems to have changed the material they use for hair, so the one I have on Yoona is more current than the actual head and falls much nicer than the older hair pieces.

Like my Seohyun figure, Yoona also sports the same body from Play Toy. I’m hoping the version 2 body will be better but until then, these are just fine. I don’t use the Kumik bodies because they are lacking quite a bit compared to a lot of the bodies on the market. I also don’t care for the body that comes with the deluxe set for the girls that Kumik recently started offering.

It’s the same baseball outfit from Super Duck which cannot be found anywhere. I’d love to use something more current, but these are just fine.

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