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Hot Toys | The Dark Knight | Batman

I'm a huge fan of Batman. I am by no means an expert, but the character resonated with me even when I was 3 years old and watching the Superfriends. I fondly remember saving his pages for last in my coloring books. I even remember watching the campy TV program at my grandparents' house. He was THE character I grew up with, even if I didn't know about his dark origins. He was just so cool. It was the Hot Toys Batman figures that really got me involved in the 1/6 scale figures. I think it's fairly obvious I hold this figure as one of my prized figures. Continue Reading

Hot Toys | The Dark Knight Rises | Bane

Every so often a villain comes around that is so formidable they fundamentally shake the foundation of the Earth. For Batman, that was Bane, a ruthless mercenary who, in the comic book world, was the first to break the Bat. Hot Toys quickly announced their intentions to make figures based on the movie The Dark Knight Rises and for me, Bane was a highly anticipated figure. Continue Reading

Hot Toys | The Avengers | Iron Man (MK VII)

I was curious to see exactly what Marvel had in mind when they decided to boot up their new movie universe with Iron Man. He wasn't exactly on the top of the list of characters, but I was still anxious to see exactly how the movie would turn out. The end result was something remarkable and really propelled Marvel to the next level with a lot of the success due to portrayal of Tony Stark by Robert Downey Jr. Continue Reading

Hot Toys | Thor: The Dark World | Loki

I was stupid and passed on the Avengers Loki figure. I thought it looked nice and as much as I enjoyed the movie, I didn't think I would be collecting the Avengers figures. But then I got Iron Man and Thor, and suddenly it just seemed strange not to have the rest of the gang, including the antagonist Loki. Once Hot Toys announced they were producing figures for the second Thor movie, I figured I had to get my order in. Continue Reading

Hot Toys | Man of Steel | Superman

Re-telling of origin stories can be a very tricky thing, especially in movies. Most people that grew up with Richard Donner's Superman have a very special place in their heart for Christopher Reeve's portrayal of one of the most iconic superheroes of the modern era. Hot Toys did produce a Reeve Superman and it's one of those figures that is the epitome of solid craftsmanship of a beloved portrayal. So how did the Man of Steel version compare? Continue Reading