Hot Toys | The Avengers | Iron Man (MK VII)

I was curious to see exactly what Marvel had in mind when they decided to boot up their new movie universe with Iron Man. He wasn't exactly on the top of the list of characters, but I was still anxious to see exactly how the movie would turn out. The end result was something remarkable and really propelled Marvel to the next level with a lot of the success due to portrayal of Tony Stark by Robert Downey Jr. Continue Reading

Hot Toys | Thor: The Dark World | Loki

I was stupid and passed on the Avengers Loki figure. I thought it looked nice and as much as I enjoyed the movie, I didn't think I would be collecting the Avengers figures. But then I got Iron Man and Thor, and suddenly it just seemed strange not to have the rest of the gang, including the antagonist Loki. Once Hot Toys announced they were producing figures for the second Thor movie, I figured I had to get my order in. Continue Reading

Hot Toys | Thor: The Dark World | Thor

I thoroughly enjoyed Thor: The Dark World. I thought it was even better and more exciting than the first one which I liked very much. So when Hot Toys announced they would be releasing figures from the movie, I was excited for 1) I didn't care for the Avengers Thor outfit and preferred the new one, and 2) I'd have a chance to get Loki which I passed up the first time. Continue Reading