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Mod: Hasbro | Star Wars Black 3.75″ | Darth Vader (EP III)

Hasbro recently released the Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader from Episode 3. It's a really nice figure and probably the best Darth Vader figure yet, but there is still room for improvement. Until that time comes where we get the perfect figure, I've made some minor adjustments to the figure to meet my needs and wants. Thankfully, it didn't require too much work and didn't change how the figure operates so it's a win-win for me. Continue Reading

Hasbro | Star Wars Black 6″ | Boba Fett

I was sold on the 6" Black Series with Boba Fett but the prices were so outrageous I tabled the idea of getting it. Being in Hawaii, if you're not fast enough, the good stuff disappears quickly and I had never seen this figure in the wild, so I figured I'd acquire him through buying a case of figures instead. I'm happy to say it was a great purchase. Continue Reading

Sideshow Collectibles | Star Wars | Darth Vader (EP VI)

Every person in modern civilization that was born before 1990 knows about Darth Vader. He's about as iconic as Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Godzilla and Pikachu. You have to go into the rain forest to find people who do not know about this incarnation of the Dark Side. With that recognition comes a high standard that is expected of companies when they produce product of the man in the mask. Failure is not an option. You have to get it right. Continue Reading

Hasbro | Star Wars Black 6″ | Anakin Skywalker

I will admit I was not initially on-board when Hasbro announced their plans to release 6" Star Wars action figures. Yes, the market demanded it, but I had spent a lot of time and effort invested in the smaller scale that I really did not want to start all over again. When samples were revealed at shows, I still hesitated. When websites reviewed them, I still hesitated. Even when I saw a few of them at the store, I abstained. Continue Reading