Monthly Archives: October 2014

Hot Toys | The Avengers | Iron Man (MK VII)

I was curious to see exactly what Marvel had in mind when they decided to boot up their new movie universe with Iron Man. He wasn't exactly on the top of the list of characters, but I was still anxious to see exactly how the movie would turn out. The end result was something remarkable and really propelled Marvel to the next level with a lot of the success due to portrayal of Tony Stark by Robert Downey Jr. Continue Reading

DST | Star Trek: The Next Generation | Enterprise Crew

Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum produced a large number of Star Trek figures in the last seven or so years. To be fair, I'm going to do my best to look at them as if it were back in 2006-2007 when these figures started to hit. Hopefully I can be as objective as possible and rather than each figure individually, I'm going to look at them as a group. Continue Reading

Enterbay | Real Masterpiece | Michael Jordan (Road)

I have a number of highly coveted pieces in my collection not because of value or cost, but rather the significance to me. In my teens I was a huge basketball fan and studied the sport in my spare time. I was for all intents and purposes, a student of the game. I'm not tall at all so I had to rely on skill, awareness and smarts to hang with the taller people. I needed to learn how to play the game and there's nobody better to learn about than Michael Jordan, the greatest player of all time. Continue Reading

Custom: Hawaii Five-O | Kono Kalakaua

The new season of Hawaii Five-O is fast approaching so it seemed like a good idea to reveal my custom figure of Kono Kalakaua. I'm a big fan of Grace Park. I really liked her in Battlestar Galactica and some of the other independent movies she's been in. When she was casted for Hawaii Five-O I was excited to be able to see her on TV again and more so since Five-O is in my backyard of Hawaii. Continue Reading

Medicom | MAFEX | Batman

I have a love/hate relationship with Medicom. They used to be a company I really liked because they produced some really nice things. A long time ago. These days, I'm not impressed. At all. They seem to rely on their name recognition instead of continuing to produce high quality items which is quite unusual for a Japanese company that has been around for a very long time. So when I got interested in their MAFEX line, I was hoping that they had turned the corner. Continue Reading