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Hasbro6inBobaFett02I was sold on the 6″ Black Series with Boba Fett but the prices were so outrageous I tabled the idea of getting it. Being in Hawaii, if you’re not fast enough, the good stuff disappears quickly and I had never seen this figure in the wild, so I figured I’d acquire him through buying a case of figures instead. I’m happy to say it was a great purchase.

Sometimes it amazes me how a single company can produce such hit or miss items. Boba Fett was a hands down victory but Darth Vader left me scratching my head. I’ll get to Vader soon enough, but today I’m going to focus on the intergalactic bounty hunter that is too cool for school.

As a kid, I remember watching the Star Wars Holiday Special when Boba Fett came riding on a Dewback. We were so anxious to get our hands on the figure because he was just so mysterious. Even though the vintage figure wasn’t even close to the final costume, he was still a cool figure. Fast forward 30+ years, and this Boba Fett is just plain awesome. Any Boba Fett figure is cool, but a well done and executed Boba Fett is even better.

Hasbro6inBobaFett04This figure is Boba Fett as seen in the Empire Strikes Back. I always preferred the Return of the Jedi motif, but this figure is pretty spot on so I have only good things to say. Everything is nicely proportioned and it’s just a fantastic figure to look at. Here’s hoping they make an equally impressive Jango Fett. The outfit is simply amazing. I just don’t understand how they can get this figure so right and some of the others not so much. The extra pistol and holster is well done and even the soft goods on his shoulder is nicely done. If only they could’ve done this in the smaller scale. I’m still waiting for the ultimate Boba Fett 3-3/4″ action figure.

The paint work is equally well done. Granted armor is easier to paint, I still can’t figure out why Boba Fett is great and Obi Wan is not. The weathering applications are subtle and just right to give this figure some life that the others don’t have. I think Hasbro needs to re-evaluate how they do QC and establish better standards. I get that you’ve got dozens of sculptors, but I find it strange that the quality level can be so diverse.

The range of motion for this figure is quite good considering the restrictions from the outfit. I also like how many of the joints are well engineered into the outfit so that the poses flow smoothly. The helmet doesn’t have an articulated view finder but I don’t consider it to be anything bad. The only thing I wish could be done better are the shoulders which would allow the figure to move his arms across the body better. It’s really hard to get Fett in a really good aiming pose.

He doesn’t come with much. He comes with his trusty blaster rifle, a pistol and his jetpack. That’s it. It’s enough for Fett so from a character perspective it’s complete, but from a consumer perspective it feels a bit light. If you got the SDCC version you got a Carbon Freeze block of Han Solo but I think it should’ve been standard. They also could’ve included a fire base attachment for the jetpack much like they did in the early 2000s.

It’s Hasbro so you know you’re going to get quality plastic. This figure is super sturdy and the articulation doesn’t hamper the figure at all. I feel more confident playing around with Fett more than I do with a MOTU Classics figure. I don’t know what recipe Hasbro uses, but I always loved their choices in plastic compared to every other mass-produced retail toy company.

This is one solid figure. It’s just light on accessories, but it’s a very strong figure. It’s no wonder he commands a lot on the secondary market. My only wish was that all of the Star Wars 6″ figures would be this good in quality.

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