Custom: Girls’ Generation | Seohyun [서현]


Seohyun04I’m a huge fan of Girls’ Generation no doubt. I’ve had the privilege to attend two of their concerts and a number of live appearances at other K-pop events. It was always my hope that one day I could have a collection of 1/6 scale figures based on the girls, but I figured I would have to get them commissioned which would mean a lot of money. One person isn’t so bad, but 9?

My first reveal will be the youngest member – Seohyun. I think overall it came out great and it’s easy to tell that that it’s her. It’s taken me over 2 years to get these figures up to par and it required a lot of patience and perseverance. Just finding all of the heads and waiting for new ones were challenging enough, but to find the right body and outfits were equally challenging.

I’m using a Kumik head but I must warn that this is the first generation version. The newer versions seem to have a slightly different and deeper paint job that don’t quite match the bodies I am using. Still, it’s pretty clear that the head sculpt is of Seohyun and is nicely done. The paint application is to my liking and is a case where less is more.

I’m using a Play Toy Asian skin tone small bust body. It’s a very nice body, but the posterior is a little larger than I would like. It makes it very difficult to find fitting outfits. Play Toy is releasing a version 2 which is a bit better but I’m not sure if they’ll be releasing one in the lighter skin tone. Still, the figure has a decent range of articulation and contains those ankle ball sockets that are extremely valuable for custom figures.

This is the female baseball outfit from Super Duck, and sadly they cannot be found anymore. It seems only a small production run was made because no matter how hard I try, I cannot find more of these. This outfit is of course based on their ‘Oh!’ outfit in pink. It’s not my favorite Girls’ Generation look but it’s distinctive enough. Pink = Girls’ Generation.

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