Monthly Archives: November 2014

Hot Toys | The Dark Knight Rises | Bane

Every so often a villain comes around that is so formidable they fundamentally shake the foundation of the Earth. For Batman, that was Bane, a ruthless mercenary who, in the comic book world, was the first to break the Bat. Hot Toys quickly announced their intentions to make figures based on the movie The Dark Knight Rises and for me, Bane was a highly anticipated figure. Continue Reading

Hasbro | Star Wars Black 6″ | Boba Fett

I was sold on the 6" Black Series with Boba Fett but the prices were so outrageous I tabled the idea of getting it. Being in Hawaii, if you're not fast enough, the good stuff disappears quickly and I had never seen this figure in the wild, so I figured I'd acquire him through buying a case of figures instead. I'm happy to say it was a great purchase. Continue Reading

Mattel | MOTU Classics | Hordak (Filmation)

The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Masters of the Universe Classics exclusive was met with a rather lukewarm reception from a lot of collectors. Most felt a bit betrayed by what seemed like a lack of effort or care on Mattel's part. I didn't feel that way and was rather happy to see it was a figure you could afford to miss, or one that you'd really like to have. I actually really wanted it and since a lot of people didn't, I felt better knowing I could probably get one despite not being able to go to Comic-Con. Continue Reading