Modifications & Customs

This category is used for entries related to modification of custom works.

Custom: Batman Begins | Ra’s Al Ghul

Sometimes it's better to be late to the dance. Most Batman and 1/6 scale fans had already created their own custom Ra's Al Ghul. Some where fantastic while others made me scratch my head. It's blatantly clear that it starts with a good head sculpt and if that's not up to snuff, it's almost futile to try. But if you wait long enough, you may just find what you were looking for. Continue Reading

Custom: Girls’ Generation | Yoona [윤아]

My second custom Girls' Generation figure was actually my first. It was because I found Yoona's portrait on eBay that I started to realize I could eventually make most, if not all the members. I remember one night scouring eBay for female heads because I wanted to create other characters for my Batman stories. Suddenly I spotted her head sculpt and began in earnest to find more. Continue Reading

Custom: Girls’ Generation | Seohyun [서현]

I'm a huge fan of Girls' Generation no doubt. I've had the privilege to attend two of their concerts and a number of live appearances at other K-pop events. It was always my hope that one day I could have a collection of 1/6 scale figures based on the girls, but I figured I would have to get them commissioned which would mean a lot of money. One person isn't so bad, but 9? Continue Reading