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Bandai | S.H. Figuarts | Kamen Rider 1 (New)

For one of my birthdays, my grandparents bought me a box set of Kamen Rider figures that featured up to the latest Rider at the time which was Kamen Rider Super 1. These were your standard 3-points of articulation plastic toys that Japan is well-known for. They were so cheaply made, but these toys gave us hours upon hours of enjoyment. I can even fondly remember sleeping over at my grandparents' house while my brother and I created so many adventures. Continue Reading

Custom: Girls’ Generation | Seohyun [서현]

I'm a huge fan of Girls' Generation no doubt. I've had the privilege to attend two of their concerts and a number of live appearances at other K-pop events. It was always my hope that one day I could have a collection of 1/6 scale figures based on the girls, but I figured I would have to get them commissioned which would mean a lot of money. One person isn't so bad, but 9? Continue Reading

Hot Toys | Thor: The Dark World | Thor

I thoroughly enjoyed Thor: The Dark World. I thought it was even better and more exciting than the first one which I liked very much. So when Hot Toys announced they would be releasing figures from the movie, I was excited for 1) I didn't care for the Avengers Thor outfit and preferred the new one, and 2) I'd have a chance to get Loki which I passed up the first time. Continue Reading
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