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Custom: Batman Begins | Ra’s Al Ghul

Sometimes it's better to be late to the dance. Most Batman and 1/6 scale fans had already created their own custom Ra's Al Ghul. Some where fantastic while others made me scratch my head. It's blatantly clear that it starts with a good head sculpt and if that's not up to snuff, it's almost futile to try. But if you wait long enough, you may just find what you were looking for. Continue Reading

Hasbro | Star Wars Black 6″ | Anakin Skywalker

I will admit I was not initially on-board when Hasbro announced their plans to release 6" Star Wars action figures. Yes, the market demanded it, but I had spent a lot of time and effort invested in the smaller scale that I really did not want to start all over again. When samples were revealed at shows, I still hesitated. When websites reviewed them, I still hesitated. Even when I saw a few of them at the store, I abstained. Continue Reading

Custom: Girls’ Generation | Yoona [윤아]

My second custom Girls' Generation figure was actually my first. It was because I found Yoona's portrait on eBay that I started to realize I could eventually make most, if not all the members. I remember one night scouring eBay for female heads because I wanted to create other characters for my Batman stories. Suddenly I spotted her head sculpt and began in earnest to find more. Continue Reading

Hot Toys | Man of Steel | Superman

Re-telling of origin stories can be a very tricky thing, especially in movies. Most people that grew up with Richard Donner's Superman have a very special place in their heart for Christopher Reeve's portrayal of one of the most iconic superheroes of the modern era. Hot Toys did produce a Reeve Superman and it's one of those figures that is the epitome of solid craftsmanship of a beloved portrayal. So how did the Man of Steel version compare? Continue Reading

Mattel | MOTU Classics | He-Man

Like many other collectors my age, Masters of the Universe was a big influence during my childhood. The sheer number of unique characters with absurd names left a lasting impression with cool toys and a fun TV show. For various reasons, the property could not continue much beyond the 80s and interest waned except by the most dedicated fans. In the early 2000s, Mattel tried a re-launch and was at first a big hit, but through management and distribution problems, it could not survive. So when Mattel announced back in 2007-08 that they were going to try again, I admit I was a bit skeptical. Continue Reading