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McFarlane | NFL Series 34 | Peyton Manning

When it comes to sports, my favorite players are usually the ones that have great class, understanding, and respect for players and the sport they play. For me, those qualities transcend the usual barometers of championships, wins, and statistical superiority. For those reasons, Peyton Manning is my favorite player and I consider him the greatest Quarterback to every play the game. Continue Reading

Mattel | WWE Defining Moments | Hulk Hogan

You know something, brother? Back in the 80's, there was no wrestler more popular than the immortal Hulk Hogan. Love him or hate him, he was the most iconic superstar of professional wrestling that everyone, and I mean everyone, knew who he was. His name alone is as powerful as that of Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson. Finally, Mattel has released an Elite figure of the man. So what'cha gonna do when this figure comes after you?! Continue Reading

Bandai | S.H. Figuarts | Hakaider

More goodies from Bandai's Figuarts line. When Kikaider was released I was impressed and happy, but the one I really wanted was his rival - Hakaider! He was the very definition of the cool bad guy and sure knew how to make an entrance. His theme song is equally memorable and you've probably got an earworm going right now! Every hero needs a great villain and this is the epitome of a memorable villain. Continue Reading

Bandai | S.H. Figuarts | Kikaider

If you were a kid in Hawaii during the mid 70's, you were exposed to two significant pieces of entertainment - Checkers and Pogo, and Kikaider. You would have to go to an uninhabited island to find someone who didn't know of such things. Kikaider was such a staple that the mere fact of his name will automatically conjure up his theme song in your head. So it was to my pleasant surprise when Bandai announced this fine figure. Continue Reading

Custom: Sistar | Bora

When you think girl K-pop group the first is usually Girls' Generation, but there are some other talented groups as well and Sistar is one of them. The four girls are quite talented in their own right and have a more mature, sexy and seductive feel compared to many other groups and they back that up with some of the strongest vocals around. To round out the package their best dancer and rapper is Bora. Continue Reading